The Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine Review 2017


The Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine is the first baby stroller I bought for my little Angel. It’s, however, not the first one I used. I replaced a much heavier stroller gifted by my parents with this lightweight unit when by little one completed four months. I picked the tangerine stroller as I felt it complements baby girls more. Chicco also has a fitting option for baby boys. They have made this lightweight stroller available even in black.

I had a pretty good experience with this Chicco creation. However, when using it, I also detected a few flaws. Read through the review below to get acquainted with my experience with the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller.

The Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review 2017

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller
Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review 2017

Product Description

Some of the most prominent features of the product include:

  • An ultra lightweight body that weighs only 11 pounds
  • A sturdy aluminum structure
  • Front wheel suspension of the stroller makes uneven terrains smooth
  • The five-point safety harness keeps the baby perfectly secured
  • Comes equipped with a basket for keeping necessary baby items
  • Enables compact umbrella style fold, which along with features like shoulder straps and carry bag, makes traveling with this product easy

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Who should buy the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine?

Any parent looking for a lightweight stroller for his or her baby can purchase this product. However, they should keep one thing in mind that this product doesn’t recline well. As a result, it is not suitable for newborns. I could use it for my four month old daughter comfortably because she was exceptionally sturdy for a girl of that age. So, I would recommend this product for parents whose little ones are of six months or older.

Pros and Cons

I have had a reasonably good experience with the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller. This product comes with a series of impressive features in spite of having a pretty affordable price. However, there are some drawbacks too. Read on to know more.


Light in weight, but durable- The main reason why I decided to replace my old baby stroller with this one is the low body weight of this product. I developed a back pain when using the previous one, but my back pain subsided slowly when I started using this Chicco product. In spite of being light in weight, the product will impress you with its durability. It’s because aluminum, the material this Chicco stroller is made of, is known both for its lightweight properties and durability.

Reasonable towing capacity- Although the total body weight of the product is just 11 pounds, it is capable of carrying 37 pounds, which is quite decent.

Five-point harness- The five-point harness this stroller comes equipped with is user-friendly and offers adequate security to the baby. I have seen my friend struggle when trying to change her little one’s diaper in a stroller with a three-point harness. Thank God this one has a five-point harness. I need just a few minutes to clean up my little and change her diaper. It’s possible because the harness of the Chicco Capri hold the baby in the right position all through the procedure.

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Easily foldable- I was particularly happy with the folding mechanism of this stroller. I can fold it without anyone’s help. When traveling, I just need to keep my baby in a secure place (mostly inside my car) and use my foot to release the stroller’s safety level. That’s it. The product can then be folded easily using both hands. At times, I also fold it with just one hand. However, using both hands is necessary for a neater fold.

Takes very little space for storage- When folded, this Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller covers an areas of just 4000 cubic inches. As a result, it can be packed even inside the car trunk.

Shoulder strap- The designers at Chicco has included a shoulder strap into the product to enable easy transportation. In addition, they have also added a specially designed carry bag. I always store the stroller in this carry bag.

chicco capri lightweight stroller
chicco capri lightweight stroller

Back wheels with two brakes- I found this feature fascinating as it allows me to use the stroller easily on slopped surfaces. The two brakes on the back wheels helps in keeping the unit stationary on slopped surfaces.

A perfectly positioned peek-a-boo window- While you can use this window for seeing your little one smile and perform other entertaining activities, your baby can use it to monitor the events taking place in the outside world.

High quality fabric- The fabric of the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine is stain resistant and waterproof. In addition, it is also machine washable. So, keeping the item clean has never been a problem for me.

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Two-position reclining seat- Although the company claims to offer a multi-position reclining seat, the reality is a bit different. The seat doesn’t recline all that far. To put it more bluntly, the seat reclines only two positions. You unzip both its zippers and that is the maximum reclining capacity of this stroller.

Small storage basket- The storage basket this stroller comes equipped with is significantly small. The cross back support didn’t allow me to place even my hand bag in it. I can only keep a small water bottle and a sponge ball inside the basket.

Not meant for taller parents- My husband struggles to use this Chicco product. This fact doesn’t bother us much as he gets very little time to go out with the baby. If you are 6 ft or taller, you should avoid buying this product. Taller people are not allowed to take normal strides (taller people have longer strides, as a result of which they end up kicking the rear wheels of this stroller) when walking with this stroller and also need to hunch forward for pushing it.

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Uncomfortable handles- The handles are smaller in size and are not covered with foam. As a result, you might struggle if you need to push this stroller for a long period of time.

Small canopy- This Chicco creation does possess a canopy designed for sun protection. However, I found its size to be excessively small.

Main Benefits and Practical Details

The most notable qualities of the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine are its low body weight, high durability and impressive towing capacity. The product’s front-swivel wheels and all-wheel suspension always confirm a smooth ride for my little angel.

This Chicco creation is available at all top local and online stores. If you want the best deal, you should purchase it from reputable online stores such as Amazon. If you want, you can get it shipped at your place within 24 hours.

You should contact the online store’s customer service department for getting information on manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Thoughts

I have been using the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller for more than three months and have faced very little problem while doing so. Today, if someone asks me to share my opinion about the product, I would say that its merits easily outweigh its demerits. It’s true that its seat reclines just two positions, but that’s often enough for a sturdy baby. I couldn’t have asked for a more lightweight and durable stroller that moves smoothly even on the roughest terrains for such a small price.


The Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller is lightweight, durable, easy-to-fold, and is capable of keeping kids comfortably secure in it. You will be able to move around seamlessly with this stroller without straining your hands and back. In spite of having so many impressive qualities it is priced quite affordably. Every parent, who want to ensure his/her baby’s security, but is not ready to carry a weighty stroller, should opt for this Chicco creation.