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Traveling with a toddler is no mean feat – there are a million things to carry and prepare for. Toddlers are a bundle of energy and really don’t want to be confined but moms need their hands free too so we figured the best travel accessory – the lightweight travel stroller should be able to do the exact job! Wondering which one to buy for that upcoming family getaway to Hawaii? We have done that homework for you as well. Here are the Top 5 best infant and toddler strollers on the market this year.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Stroller for Toddler in 2018

1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller,
Editor’s rating : 4.8/5

Struggling with the fold of your current travel stroller? Or lugging around the bulky stroller and the toddler all at once? The Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller is the solution to your travel woes as it is one of the best toddler pushchairs available. It weighs less than 12 pounds; this means no more looking around for help from strangers at the airport while you juggle the stroller as well as your squirming toddler.

The bests- one hand operation adds to convenience. The tough wheels are a huge plus. Has a large basket too for storage, along with cup holders both for the kid and the parent. Can bear 50 pound weight and has an ample canopy for optimum sun coverage.

The minuses – does not fold into an umbrella, but folds flat. Also, not suitable for a baby who does not sit up yet, as the seat does not go all the way back for lying down.

The verdict – pretty bang – on piece for a toddler who wants to look around while parents sightsee! Holds all your shopping and on-the-go coffees too!

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2. Summer Infant 3D lite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3D lite Convenience Stroller
Editor’s rating : 4.8/5

Smart and stylish and one of the best small stroller for toddler, this stroller is another cute option to look at in the category. Aluminum framed, umbrella folding stroller with a carry strap to go around your arm when not in use, summer infant stroller also has a storage basket, lockable rear wheels and 5 point harness. So from moving the toddler around to changing diapers, there is a provision for everything.

The bests – compact lock and almost flat seat position are the best features! Also, there is a cup holder and looking at how compact the stroller is, it is no mean feat to have so many accessories in this stroller. All in all, this is an all-rounder.

The minuses – by the looks of it, the canopy looks a little insufficient for complete sun protection.

The verdict – if you are looking for a complete package, this is the best pushchair for toddler!

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3. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem stroller

Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem stroller
Editor’s rating : 4.7/5

Handling two kids on the go? Superb design combined with a light frame, this stroller comes as an answer to your prayers. While the little one can sit in the seat in the front, the older one can sit or stand behind, facing you, chattering away to glory. They can also step on and off on their own, making it extra helpful in those hyper-active years. The wheel technology makes it easy to maneuver and park, the car seat can face two sides and the total capacity of the system is 90 pounds

The bests – the sheer comfort of carrying two kids in tandem! You don’t need to remove any seats to fold the stroller down. Also, there is a car seat adapter which fits with most leading brands so you can create a travel system. Folds neatly, looking at the dimension and task. Very stable.

The minuses – weighs nearly 30 pounds! The seat looks uncomfortable for a smaller child. The basket under the seat is not very convenient to use.

The verdict – the carrier feels secure, it’s easy to push and maneuvers surprisingly well with both the baby and the toddler riding. The price is drastically cheaper than the other double stroller.

4. RECARO Performance Denali Stroller

RECARO Performance Denali Stroller

So snazzy and your shot at the best toddler pushchair, this is your kind of stroller if you are a minimalist and want your stuff to take as less space and bulk as possible. It only weighs 25 pounds, can carry a child of 50 pounds max and allows the comfort of a full size stroller in the dimension and capacity of a travel stroller. The seat reclines for a happy nap time. It folds into virtually nothing! The folded stroller stands on its own, can be folded and unfolded using just one hand and locks engage with a snap. Such a dream!

The bests – six – wheel design makes it stable for such a lightweight travel system. So compact and weighs less than your toddler! It is also adaptable with RECARO infant car seat.

The minuses – the handle bar is not comfortable to push, especially for women of shorter stature. Also, difficult to maneuver.

The verdict – ideal for that nearly back-packing trip you want to take but be careful of the wheel locks which slip and unlock randomly while folding and unfolding.

5. Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller

Graco Literider Click Connect Stroller
Editor’s rating : 4.7/5

After looking at so many monochrome ones, this colorful Graco travel system with grab your eyeballs while browsing for portable strollers for toddlers. Weighing 16.8 pounds this stroller comes with a padded reclining seat for unmatched comfort in the category and is compatible with all car seats the company makes. It also has cup holders and storage basket for extra travel convenience.

The bests – one handed operation is superb making it really convenient for the multitasking mom. It is also very stable and comfortable. The tray which comes with the stroller is very functional and one does not need to remove it to get the child in and out.

The minuses – it can only seat a child up to 40 pounds which means you can use it for a shorter time than others. Folds pretty large, so not as compact as expected.

The verdict – it is safe to say that this is actually a hybrid stroller, with features both from a travel stroller and a full- fledged one. So it can be used both when travelling and when at home.


Infants/toddlers require extreme care, nurturing and comfort. A pram or a stroller is the ideal object to tend to them. Basically the look, touch and feel are factors that would go a long way in ensuring that the toddler feels comfortable and secure. There are various types of strollers available in the market. Depending upon the budget and a preliminary survey of the varieties of stroller as available in the market, one can zero in on a particular variety. A prospective buyer would keep in mind the number of children he/she has, and then make an informed decision.


Mid Range Umbrella Strollers – These incorporate sprawling seats with flexible leg balance. Mechanism for adequate airflow is present. Front wheels which can rotate easily, wadding shoulder straps and adjustable folding capacity are the other important specifications for these types of strollers. Most importantly an under storage compartment is incorporated in this model to facilitate easy storing capacity for the toddler.

Babies R Us Umbrella Strollers – This is again a type of lightweight material strollers which are light in weight, compact as well as with sunshades and foothold facility. A detachable canopy adds further utility to this type of model.

MacLaren Umbrella Strollers – These strollers are waterproof with anti-bacterial handles, strap-up and seat fitted with washable material.

Liteway Strollers – These types of lightweight strollers are simple, stylish and elegant. Main specifications are harness with a sturdy metal frame, flexibility in position (Both flat and reclining), a built in window frame and adequate storage capacity.

Kolkraft Strollers – These strollers incorporate many features such as flexible positioning, harness, portable fold feature, built in window, washable material and all landscape wheel structure, proper storage space.

Connect Strollers– These types of strollers attach to the infant car seats easily and are simple to fold. Further the cup holder accessory can be severed easily.

Recaro Easy life – Recaro is a German company that has conducted some path breaking work in this field. They have received commendations for their stroller products the world over. This type of stroller again is based on the lightweight model and has some very good features and specifications such as different reclining options, wheels with deferment facilities. However it is not congruous with any travel structure and is more used as a standalone option. Further it can be unfolded vertically and consists of panels providing good air circulation for the benefit of the toddler. The stroller and two wheels are packaged separately and thus those are the only parts that have to be attached to the stroller.

Joie Aire Lite – Weighing a kilo lesser (4.9 kg) than its original weight, this stroller variety is tailor made for older toddlers. Available at a cheap price in comparison to other varieties of strollers and facilitates flexible movement. However it does not glide smoothly over bumps and a breathable mesh is absent.

All parents need to purchase the best lightweight stroller for their toddlers. These strollers are preferable in comparison to the jogging strollers because they are easy to manage, facilitate easy movement, non bulky, compact and many useful features. Such strollers are perfect for travel purposes offering good portability. There are many models available in the market customized to suit user requirement and hence one should not get swayed by jazzy designs. Numerous guides are available so that the concerned buyer can zero in on the perfect choice. These type of strollers are best suited for cars.

Requisite Features

best lightweight stroller for toddlers buying guide

On the basis of the aforesaid data, it is submitted that there are path breaking designs and innovations pertaining to lightweight strollers in the market place. Thus the prospective buyers must conduct a well informed study to buy that coveted/perfect stroller for their toddler/toddlers. As per the various surveys conducted Chico Liteway strollers’ walks away with the top honors owing to its design, portability and features. Any purchaser would thus know that one should not compromise on the brand and buy a quality product which is tailor made to suit his/her requirements.


Strollers are god sent – and we have tried to help your decision making, giving you the best options available for your growing toddler to enjoy his trip in! Indulge in a good, functional lightweight stroller for your toddler making traveling with them enjoyable and more convenient.